Best Nespresso Vertuo Pods: Capsules Rated and Reviewed

A massive variety of Vertuo pods is available for Nespresso Vertuo machines, including seasonal flavors available as a limited-time sale. However, searching through over 50 different flavors and variations can become confusing and time-consuming.

Keep reading as we share the best Nespresso Vertuo pods and capsules you should try to get your delicious coffee fix. We’ll review the best flavors and variations available, their Nespresso intensity ratings, and the coffee volume each pod or capsule can make.

Understanding Intensity Levels

Coffee pods and capsules available at Nespresso stores have an intensity rating ranging from 1 to 13. Nespresso pods with a rating below 6 are considered mild flavors, whereas above 6 are considered intense.

The rating shows how long the beans were roasted, their bitterness, and the degree of the roast. For example, low-intensity coffee will be a light roast, whereas dark-roasted coffee will have a high intensity.

The longer you roast a coffee bean, the more caffeine is lost. So, don’t be fooled into thinking that a bolder flavor means more coffee strength. In most cases, the darker the roast and the higher the intensity of flavor, the lower the caffeine kick.

Without further ado, here are some popular Nespresso pods.

Nespresso Altissimo

The Altissimo is the right pick if you are looking for a full-bodied coffee with a rich flavor. This variation from the espresso collection has a Nespresso intensity rating of 9, giving it an intense kick that’s rich in flavor with a creamy texture.

The intense flavor comes from Costa Rican coffee beans. A short and intense roasting time adds mellow cereal notes to the espresso pods. While this coffee might not be intense enough for regular coffee drinkers, some people find the flavor too strong.

You can add heated milk to make a latte or cappuccino, giving it a sweet taste and reduced bitterness. 1 pod produces 40 ml of coffee.

Carafe Pour-Over Style

A coffee blend made from premium Colombian and Peruvian beans, the Carafe Pour-over style is an intense roast with distinct smoky notes. This Nespresso capsule is huge and can provide over 500 ml of coffee.

These unflavored coffee pods are meant to be used only with Vertuo Next machines and can dispense the coffee into a carafe.

A crema develops when the coffee is initially dispensed but dissipates shortly after, leaving coffee that looks traditional.

The full-bodied, dark roast is perfect for morning or after-dinner drinking. These Nespresso coffee capsules are undoubtedly the best when you have a lot of guests around.

Nespresso Ice Leggero

Making iced coffee on a hot day becomes daunting as regular pods can make ice coffee taste bitter, and the ice can melt when hot coffee is poured over it, diluting the flavor.

That’s where Nespresso Ice Leggero pods come in. Although its intensity levels are not stated, you can make iced coffee drinks with a rich flavor profile.

These Nespresso pods are designed only for iced coffee drinks, preserving the flavor for a refreshing taste. The blend uses AAA-certified Ethiopian and Indonesian Arabica beans that are lightly roasted to provide a pleasing taste, a distinctly sweet aroma, and improved smoothness.

Serve the Ice leggero with ice cubes or add milk to make an iced latte. The pod is from the double espresso lineup, is a medium roast blend, and provides 80 ml of coffee.

Nespresso Double Espresso Scuro

Blended with robusta and arabica beans from Guatemala and Costa Rica, these double Vertuo espresso pods are roasted for a longer time and have a distinct spicy taste profile.

This end result has hints of vanilla and smoky cocoa, giving the coffee a sweet and savory brew. 

Nespresso Odacio

These Nespresso Vertuo line pods have a medium-high intensity of 7, making it a lively blend. The Ethiopian Arabica and Nicaraguan beans provide an acidic punch and a fruity flavor.

The beans are roasted and split open, keeping the acidity. This gives the coffee a subtle boldness and fruitiness. This Nespresso coffee pod can brew a full mug of 230 ml. 

Nespresso Half Caffeinato

If you want to cut down your caffeine intake, these Nespresso Vertuoline pods are your go-to. As the name suggests, Half Caffeinato contains around half the amount of caffeine of regular pods.

Compatible with the Nespresso Vertuo machines, these are one of the best Nespresso pods out there if you want a less-caffeinated drink.

It’s made with decaffeinated and caffeinated coffee beans mixed to provide slightly less than half the amount of caffeine of a regular pod. These unflavored Vertuo coffee pods are medium roast and offer an authentic and nutty flavor.

Nespresso Diavolitto

With an intensity level of 11, this Nespresso Vertuo pod has an intense flavor profile that comes from Brazilian Arabica beans and South American Robusta beans. This dark roast provides a smooth texture with a mild bitterness.

Even though this coffee has an intensity rating of 11, it is not as intense as the Original Line pods, which reach an intensity level of 14. If you are a fan of black coffee, these Nespresso pods will satisfy your coffee cravings.

Your Nespresso machine will adjust the brewing setting according to the barcode embossed around the pod edges. 1 pod can dispense around 40 ml of coffee.

Best Caffeine-Rich and Dark Roasted Coffee Picks

Melozio Boost Nespresso Capsules

This Vertuo pod comes from the boost range and is developed specifically to provide you with a kick and 20% extra caffeine. Nespresso uses the caffeine from the decaffeination process and steams it into green beans to add more caffeine and flavor.

The pod can dispense 230 ml of coffee with an intensity rating of 4. Brazilian Bourbon variety beans are mixed with fragrant Central American arabica beans, providing a caffeine boost without affecting the taste.

The taste is earthy and toasty, with a sweet hit. If you’re a person who needs that caffeine hit, this pod is for you. 

Nespresso Stormio

It’s a dark-roast coffee made with Nicaraguan and Guatemalan coffee beans. You’ll get a boosted caffeine punch as it contains 20 percent more caffeine than the regular pods used in Nespresso machines.

Besides having a solid kick, the blend includes woody, cereal, and spicy aromas from dark roast robusta beans. The most prominent flavors are the hint of spice and wood and a smooth but bitter aftertaste; it’s a dark roasted blend.

The Best Flavored Pods

Nespresso Blue Mountain

If you are a coffee enthusiast, you know there’s nothing more pleasant than sipping a premium blend of coffee with amazing flavor.

With an intensity rating of 7, the blue mountain Nespresso Vertuo pods are one of the best Nespresso Vertuoline pods out there and have a smooth taste and no bitterness that most flavored espressos have.

The coffee beans are split and roasted 2 times to extract the unique woody and spicy flavor. It has an intense flavor and is best used for special occasions and festive moments.

This Nespresso Vertuo pod can provide a 40 ml shot of intense and exotic coffee with woody notes and a strong, dark finish.

Nespresso Alforazio

Nespresso Alforazio is a light roast made with a mix of unwashed Ethiopian arabica light-roast beans and long-roasted East African arabica to extract the enticing blueberry notes. 

With a hint of bitterness, these Nespresso Vertuo pods give an earthy and rich flavor profile, leaving a fruity blueberry aftertaste.

It has an intensity rating of 4 and is the perfect choice for people who want to drink a light roast with tons of flavors.

Nespresso Caramel Cookie

These lightly roasted barista creations coffee capsules have an intensity rating of 7, including hints of coconut, biscuit, and almonds, topped off with the sweet flavor of caramel.

Latin American and African arabica are split-roasted together to bring out the mellow texture and achieve a perfect flavor balance. It’s a delightful flavor to use in Nespresso Vertuoline machines, and a single pod makes a full 230 ml cup of coffee. 

Nespresso Vertuoline Hazelino Pods

These espresso pods have a vibrant and creamy taste.

You’ll love this blend if Nutella is a staple in your diet. The hazelnut flavor is produced from within the beans, making it a must-have for people who like their coffee rich and creamy. These flavored espresso capsules are primarily used to craft milk-based drinks.

Nespresso Arondio

A medium-roasted blend with a perfect balance of flavors, these Colombian arabica beans give the cereal notes, whereas the robusta beans from Guatemala increase the coffee’s intensity. The cocoa notes are lighter than the overpowering toasted cereal notes.

The Difference Between Original and Vertuo Pods

Nespresso produces coffee machines in 2 types: Nespresso Vertuo Machines and Nespresso OrignalLine machines. 

The OriginalLine machines use long-lasting Nespresso capsules, whereas the Nespresso Vertuo machines use smaller Nespresso Vertuo pods.

The OriginalLine capsules or pods work best for espresso shots and drinks, whereas Vertuo pods are a better choice when you want large coffee drinks.

The OriginalLine machines extract coffee from the capsules using pump pressure. In contrast, Vertuo coffee machines brew coffee through centrifugation. In this process, coffee from Nespresso Vertuo pods is spun at high speeds to be infused with water, resulting in airy crema on top.

Another difference between the Nespresso Vertuo pods and the original capsules is the barcode system. All products from the Vertuo lineup include a barcode on the underside of the pods.

This barcode scanning system allows the Vertuo machine to recognize different pods and adjust the brewing settings accordingly to deliver a smooth and refreshing cup each time.

Parameters like temperature, spinning speed, flow rate, cup size, and the contact time between water and coffee are all stored in the barcode.

Choosing the Right Nespresso Pods

Here are a few considerations for selecting the right Vertuo pod.

Coffee Bean Types

Robusta beans are more bitter than arabica bean varieties and are lower in quality, but they are flavorful and can offer more caffeine than arabica. Typically, coffee lovers and enthusiasts have personal preferences.

Some prefer only arabica beans for a mild coffee, whereas others prefer a blend of robusta and arabica.

Coffee Intensity

Nespresso Vertuo pods and capsules have an intensity rating from 5 to 11. As for the OrginalLine products, the intensity rating is between 4 and 13.

Caffeine Levels

Different blends have varying caffeine levels. How much caffeine you consume will determine the type of pod you choose.

Each pod and capsule in their lineup has a unique flavor profile and caffeine level. Nespresso also offers caffeinated and decaffeinated pods if you want lower levels of caffeine in your cup.

Extent of Roast

Dark-, medium-, and light-roast coffee are used in the Vertuoline coffee machine.

Dark roast coffee tastes bitter and might lose flavor in the brewing process. However, that is often mitigated in modern machines. You can easily find a dark roast coffee with little to no bitterness.

Still, the extent of the roast determines the taste and texture. For example, a medium roast will be more mellow than a dark roast.

Maintenance Tips

Keeping the Coffee Machine Clean

It’s imperative to clean and descale your Vertuo machine regularly. Cleaning and maintenance ensure a quality brew and increase your machine’s longevity.

Warming Up the Machine

Turn your coffee machine on before inserting the pod, as it will result in a better brew.

Besides powering on the coffee maker, warm your coffee mug in the microwave or rinse it with hot water. Heating the cup preserves the taste when the coffee is added.

Using Filtered Water

Always use filtered water, as using water from any other source might contain impurities and flavors that can affect the quality of the brew.

Final Thoughts

There are a plethora of Vertuo pods and capsules you can choose from, highlighting different coffee styles and caffeine levels.

When selecting a coffee type, remember to check the kind of roast, its intensity, the added notes, and bitterness for an easier pick.

We hope the recommendations we shared can aid you in making the perfect cup of coffee.

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