What is The Best Vegan Coffee Creamer? | Top 9 Non-dairy Creamers That Taste Like The Real Thing!

Whether you’re a meat eater or vegan, coffee can be enjoyed by absolutely everyone. But not everyone likes to drink their coffee black; many coffee addicts prefer to add creamer to enhance the flavor of black coffee and make the experience much more delightful. And as you might know, the majority of these creamers contain dairy ingredients, which is fine for everyone who is non-vegan. 

But what about the rest of the vegan coffee lovers? Will they have to drink their coffee black without adding delicious creamers their entire life? Of course, they won’t! Luckily, companies nowadays are aware of the increasing demand for vegan-friendly products since many people are turning vegan now. 

This makes it profitable for these companies to provide all fellow vegans with the best vegan products that are as similar as possible to the non-vegan ones, including coffee creamers. 

Hold on a second before you rush to the grocery and buy any non-dairy coffee creamer that falls into your hand; you need to know that not all vegan creamers are of good quality. You should be extra careful when buying a vegan creamer because it’s super challenging to find a vegan-friendly creamer that tastes like non-vegan creamers but with no dairy ingredients. 

No worries, though. We’re here to help you find the perfect vegan creamer for you by recommending to you the top 9 non-dairy coffee creamers that taste like the real thing

1. Nutpods Dairy-free Creamer

Nutpods creamer is a leader in the vegan industry for a reason—it tastes almost exactly like non-vegan creamers but with none of the dairy ingredients! Nutpods offers one of the most delicious, vegan-friendly creamers in the market that come in different flavors: the original, French vanilla, hazelnut, and caramel. 

All these flavors are amazing and can be added to any coffee drink the same way as non-vegan creamers. Not only that, but Nutpod also offers a unique flavor to spice up your boring cup of coffee: the Toasted Marshmallow flavor—mind-blowing with Cappuccino and hot chocolate!

One of the best things about Nutpods creamers is that they have a silky, smooth texture that blends well with almost all types of drinks. This is because the creamers contain coconut and almonds, making mixing them with coffee easier without the annoying separation that other vegan ingredients, like soy milk, can cause. We think that out of all the creamers in the market, Nutpods creamers are the ones that most closely resemble half and half.

Additionally, the creamers are not sweet and don’t ruin your coffee if you don’t like the sweet taste—they just taste right. In fact, all of Nutpods creamers are unsweetened, making them not just great vegan alternatives for dairy creamers but also healthy ones. This is a big plus as some creamers contain high sugar content, leaving some coffee drinkers with an overly sweet cup of coffee and limiting them to only one level of sweetness. 

We highly recommend starting with Nutpods creamers if you’re transitioning to a vegan lifestyle or have been vegan for a long time and want more fun drinking a vegan cup of coffee. They’re also GMO-free, in case you were wondering! If you follow any diet like Keto or Paleo diets, you’d be happy to hear that these creamers can fit perfectly into your diet.

2. Califia Unsweetened Better Half Coffee Creamer

Another great dairy-free creamer that’s close to the real thing is Califia creamer. Made with high-quality coconut and almond cream, this creamer is hands-down a great addition to your regular coffee that instantly gives it the creamy, flavorful texture we all dig! 

One thing that makes Califia creamer stand out is its super thick consistency, which gives you the feeling that you’re using a heavy cream alternative, not just a creamer alternative. This makes the creamer a good value for money because you only need a small amount to give you the desired flavor and texture. 

Additionally, the creamer’s heavy texture does not prevent it from blending well with your drink, unlike other vegan creamers in the market. 

3. Mooala Organic Vanilla Bean Plant-Based Creamer

Let’s face it—everyone loves their daily coffee, but what was the last time you had one that was never to be forgotten? Vanilla can take a boring cup of coffee to the next level, especially if it’s coupled with a rich, flavorful creamer. 

If you’re a vegan who digs vanilla coffee and wants to enjoy the creamy, vanilla taste without breaking the vegan rules, Moola vegan vanilla bean creamer is the way to go! The American dairy-free company Mooala, well-known for its delicious almond milk and banana milk, has successfully provided vegan coffee drinkers with the creamy texture and vanilla flavor they miss in their plant-based diet. 

You can enjoy Mooala’s Oats ‘n’ Crème and Banana Nut creamers with your coffee. But we particularly like the vanilla bean flavor that doesn’t have this undesirable artificial vanilla taste, giving your classic cup of coffee a delicious modern twist!

4. Laird Superfood Coffee Creamer

Powdered coffee creamers are great since they enable you to use and enjoy the whole package without any of the products going to waste. If you like to get your vegan creamer in powdered form, Laird offers one of the best coconut powder creamers in the market. 

Powdered creamers usually have longer shelf life than liquid ones, which makes them a more appealing option for those who don’t finish their whole liquid creamer before it expires.  

And before you judge and think Laird’s creamer will form nasty clumps in your coffee, it absolutely won’t! Unlike low-quality powdered coffee creamers, Laird blends perfectly with your drinks without clumping and ruining your coffee. 

Another problem that prevents coffee drinkers from getting powder creamer is that they’re usually packed with sugar. You won’t face this problem with Laird’s creamer since it’s made with coconut nectar, dried coconut, organic coconut oil, and marine algae. 

You can also get their on-the-go packets to enjoy a creamy cup of coffee wherever you are. And for fellow keto dieters, you can use this creamer without worrying about carbs since it mainly contains coconut and MCT oil. 

5. Silk Creamers

Since 1977, Silk has been providing vegans the opportunity to enjoy their vegan lifestyle with minimal sacrifice. They were eager to give every vegan coffee drinker the cloud coffee foams they deserve, with none of the dairy ingredients. 

The almond creamer from Silk has a fantastic flavor that instantly blends with and enhances your coffee without giving you any unpleasant aftertastes. If you prefer your coffee to be somewhat sweet but not overly sweet, Silk’s almond creamer gives you just the perfect level of sweetness. And if you enjoy the flavor of 2% milk, the low-calorie alternative is a good option even though it lacks protein.

While Silk has a fantastic almond creamer, the original is just unrivaled. We recommend you try the original creamer that perfectly balances sweetness and smoothness. They also offer irresistible, tiny on-the-go packs for those who enjoy a decent cup of coffee no matter where you are in the world! 

6. Walden Farms Original Coffee Creamer

Creamers can hands-down take a regular, boring cup of coffee to the next level. But it comes with a package—most coffee creamers in the market contain a certain amount of calories, which adds up to your total calorie intake at the end of the day, especially if you’re a heavy coffee drinker. 

Walden Farms overcomes this problem by introducing an innovative, zero-calorie creamer. This vegan-friendly is great if you want to add creaminess to your black coffee without being concerned about the number of calories you put into your mouth. 

However, don’t expect the taste of this creamer to be like other creamers that contain calories—it doesn’t give you the same rich, creamy experience as other ones. But let’s be real; it’s unfair to compare a zero-calorie creamer to a regular one. 

Because the producers are limited to certain ingredients to give you a final product without any calories, they only target people who want to stick to their allowed number of calories while enjoying a good cup of coffee at the same time. 

6. Nestle Coffee Mate Non-Dairy Creamers 

Nestle is famous for producing all sorts of mouth-watering dairy products, but it proved to care for its vegan clients by offering them a delicious line of non-dairy creamers. You can flavor your coffee using their two creamer options: French vanilla and hazelnut. With thousands of positive reviews on Amazon, such a massive company is making many vegan coffee drinkers happy.

You don’t want to miss their signature French vanilla creamer that is used and liked by many coffee drinkers trying to cut out dairy. This flavor is fantastic for making non-dairy, French vanilla coffee. 

But if you prefer to stick to basics and like your coffee unflavored, you can opt for their original coffee creamer, which is equally delicious. And, of course, one of the best things about their vegan creamers is that they come with easy-to-use pumps—we all love pumps! 

8. 360 Nutrition Keto Creamer with MCT Oil

Everyone’s going Keto now, thanks to this diet’s amazing benefits. Unfortunately, the Keto diet is accused of depriving dieters of many delicious foods, including milk and other dairy products. But as a vegan keto dieter, you can add creaminess to your daily coffee using beneficial MCT oils like coconut oil (instead of butter). This is where keto-friendly creamers like 360 Nutrition’s creamer with MCT oil comes into play! 

Sticking to strict diets like Keto is never easy, especially if you’re a vegan. So, if you’re going to follow the Keto lifestyle for a long, you should at least enjoy your cup of coffee by adding tasty keto creamers. 

With thousands of reviews from happy customers on Amazon, 360 Nutrition is a reliable brand that provides fellow keto dieters with a high-quality creamer to add the richness they need to their Keto coffee. 

360 Nutrition’s creamers are available in four types based on the sweetener. The brand uses keto-friendly sweeteners in its product, including coconut sugar and stevia leaves. You can also get their vanilla creamer to make your own Keto vanilla coffee. And if you like to add the sweetener yourself or simply prefer unsweetened coffee, 360 Nutrition offers an unsweetened creamer, too. 

9. Happy Belly Powdered Non-dairy Original Coffee Creamer

The final vegan-friendly product on our list is the powdered creamer from Happy Belly. Powdered creamers are infamous for adding a weak taste and clumping in your drink, which may make some people avoid buying them. This is particularly true in the case of vegan powdered creamers that don’t contain any dairy ingredient that gives a stronger taste and more creaminess. 

Happy Belly does a great job of delivering a high-quality, non-dairy creamer that smoothly blends into your coffee, giving your normal black coffee an unforgettable, creamy taste. This 16 Oz bottle of happiness is also good for the money and is a cheaper alternative to the Nestle Coffee Mate creamer. 

Final Thoughts

Going vegan doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck, and choosing the right vegan coffee creamer for you will make your vegan life as a coffee drinker much easier without giving up on amazing taste. However, don’t expect non-dairy coffee creamers to taste exactly like regular creamers because they simply don’t.

The good news is you can at least enjoy a creamy cup of coffee as a vegan without feeling like you’re missing out by opting for high-quality, vegan-friendly creamers. 

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