How To Make Whipped Coffee Without Instant Coffee? Find Out Here!

The viral whipped coffee trend, popularly known as Dalgona coffee, has taken the internet by storm. While browsing through your feed, you must have come across at least one creation of this sensational creamy and delicious drink. 

Although this recipe calls for instant coffee–one of its key ingredients–there are plenty of substitutes that also give you fluffy clouds of cream without compromising on taste! This article will provide you with an in-depth tutorial on how to create whipped coffee without instant coffee. 

Can You Make Whipped Coffee With Regular Coffee? 

Since instant coffee foams easily and does not require effort, it is usually preferred by coffee enthusiasts. The process is comparatively easier as you can blend the instant coffee granules with equal parts of warm water and sugar to create a creamy cloud. 

Regular coffee is not easy to work with. Yes, you can create whipped coffee with regular coffee but it takes a few tries before you nail down the perfect texture. The chemistry of the aromatic custard-like foam is rather simple. Since instant coffee has more surfactants (the substance which gives a fuller, bubble-like appearance) per gram than regular coffee, it is more doable. To achieve the same proportion, you must use equal amounts of coffee and sugar. 

Whipped Coffee Without Instant Coffee Recipe 

To create the full, tasty foam, the right proportions are crucial. You need to use enough sugar to beat the tiny bubbles into a creamy topping. The texture of the topping is light, airy, and fluffy so it takes quite a bit of trial and error before you master the technique. We have nailed down the beaten coffee recipe so make sure you follow every step. 

What You Will Need 

The ingredients you need for this recipe are probably already in your pantry so you can try this firsthand without any hassle. The five main ingredients we recommend for perfecting this recipe are listed below. 

  • 4 tablespoons of espresso ( you can also use strongly brewed coffee) 
  • 4 tablespoons of granulated sugar 
  • 4 oz of cold milk 
  • 4 ice cubes 
  • 2 oz of cold espresso 

To make whipped coffee without instant coffee, you need a lot of sugar. As you can see, the amount of sugar used is directly proportional to the coffee mixture which creates the luscious topping. The sugar gives the coffee mixture a little more substance and helps stabilize the creamy foam. 

Depending on what equipment you use for whisking the whipped cream, the total time will differ.  

  • A hand whisk, hand mixer, or stand mixer 
  • A bowl 
  • A tall glass 
  • A spoon 

Once you have accumulated the materials, you can start creating your whipped coffee Dalgona style! 

Step 1: Brew Coffee

Brew three cups of coffee in your coffee maker of choice. As mentioned, you can use regular coffee grounds but special attention must be given to the flavor of the coffee. The coffee mix should be strong enough so that it doesn’t get diluted when it is mixed with sugar so it can achieve a custard-like texture. 

To preserve its whipping properties, a few cups of strongly brewed coffee which is nearly or mostly evaporated will give you 4-5 teaspoons of brewed coffee. You can even use espresso as an alternative. 

Step 2: Mix Sugar And Hot Espresso 

In a large mixing bowl, combine equal parts of sugar and hot espresso. Sugar has hygroscopic properties which means that it can retain the moisture from the air and stabilize the foam of the topping. You can use any type of sugar–brown sugar, white sugar or coconut sugar, or even a sweetener for this step. 

Keep in mind that the amount will vary depending on what sugar you use. While you can start right off with your preferred mixing tool, we recommend swirling the coffee and sugar in the bowl. 

Step 3: Whip Until Foamy 

The mixing tool of choice will impact the amount of time it takes to get the whipped mixture. If you use a hand whisker then it can be taxing for your wrist. A hand mixer or stand mixer will make things easier. If you opt for an electronic mixer, you’ll probably want to start on low speed so that it doesn’t splatter. 

Using the mixing tool of choice, whisk your whipped coffee until it attains a foamy, light meringue-like texture. The mixture does not need to have prominent peaks–but should have a creamy texture. To test the consistency, dip the whisk into the mixture and observe how it gets enveloped between the foamy ribbons. 

Step 4: Pour Milk Into A Tall Glass 

After you have achieved the right consistency, fill a glass with ice and cold milk. Remember that the coffee should not be served as a warm beverage. The creamy foam can melt if excess heat is distributed across the surface. Instead, iced or cold milk is advisable for this recipe. 

You can even add cold espresso if you are looking for an extra caffeine kick. Since it has milk and sugar, it can be too sweet for your tastebuds. Adding an espresso shot dissolves the sweetness and gives a stronger coffee flavor. 

Step 5: Spoon The Whipped Foam 

The final step involves spooning the creamy foam as a topping. The sight of the fluffy cloud on top of the glass is a satisfying visual. The best part is the taste of the Dalgona-style coffee. It is extremely creamy and frothy and is a ‘gram-worthy drink. Stir the contents for a balanced taste and dig in! 


1. Can You Store Whipped Coffee? 

Yes, you can store the fluffy topping without milk in an air-tight container in the refrigerator for up to one week. When you need to use it again, whip it again to retain its original texture. 

2. Why Is My Coffee Mixture Not Whipping? 

If your whipped coffee is not whipping, consider adding sugar till it does. Sugar has the ability to stabilize the mixture so it can help you get the creamy texture faster. 


There you have it! A simple morning coffee drink for coffee lovers that will keep you energized throughout the day. 

Serve with cocoa powder as a choco-filled delight or savor the frothy taste as it is! 

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