Top 4 Best K Cups for Iced Coffee

There is nothing like a cold iced coffee on a hot summer morning to give you the caffeine boost you need to start your work day. 

But spending $5 to $8 every morning for a cold brew starts to add up for coffee drinkers who consume multiple cups per day. That’s why you might choose to buy a Keurig coffee maker, and if you like iced coffee, you most likely have many K-cups in your home. 

We will review our favorite K-cups that we think have the bold flavor you need for the ideal cold coffee.

The best K-cups for iced coffee contain dark roasted beans. Bold-flavored coffee is necessary when you know the ice in your drink will always dilute the taste. This is why we recommend avoiding light and medium roast coffee. 

You will also have many dark roast options since Keurig sells a reusable K-cup you can use to put ground coffee in.

The con of having so many options is that you experience choice overload. When you only have 2 to 3 K-cups as options, it’s much easier to pick one and move on.

Our guide will help you with this problem and give you only the best picks.

Best K Cups for Making Iced Coffee

Below is our comprehensive list of the best K-Cups for iced coffee. We went through over 100 K-cups on the market that can make a refreshing cup of iced coffee, keeping its boldness and zesty taste intact. 

Even when the ice melts, your iced coffee will retain its flavor.

Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend K-Cup Coffee Pods

Peet’s coffee is infamous because of its dark roast blend, and you can easily use its K-Cups for iced coffee. 

All you need to do is put your K-cup in your coffee machine and push a button to prepare your delicious drink. The beans used for this proprietary blend are from Central and South America, but we didn’t get anything more specific from the company.


  • The ideal blend of boldness and zesty flavored coffee
  • The cover of the K-cup states you get a full-bodied coffee with a richer flavor than generic brands. They lived up to their claims.
  • Reminds you why regular coffee will never taste like a premium Keurig brand
  • Perfect for both delicious iced coffee and hot coffee, depending on your mood


  • A few customers complained the blend was too acidic, giving them both heartburn and acid reflux.
  • More expensive than other K-cups for iced coffee on the market

Death Wish Coffee Dark Roast K-Cups (World’s Most Intense Flavored Coffee)

Death Wish Coffee comes with a skull and crossbones logo for a reason. It has the highest level of caffeine compared to all the options for brewed coffee on this list. 

They almost doubled the caffeine levels to increase the coffee’s potency by blending Robusta coffee beans with Arabica, which are sourced from India and Peru. If you are a coffee lover that thrives on high energy levels, choose Death Wish K-cups for your coffee maker.


  • Gives you twice the caffeine boost in 1 Keurig iced coffee cup. Most people drink coffee for this one ingredient.
  • Leave a smooth flavor on your tongue – most times applying any amount of Robusta beans makes the taste bitter, but they solved this issue by adding enough Arabica coffee beans.
  • The blend is certified organic and approved for Fair Trade.


  • Pricier than generic brands costing you, on average, $1 per K-cup.

    If you can’t afford it, use this with your Keurig machine only when you need an extra energy boost, and stick with a standard iced coffee on other days.
  • May cause heart palpitations because of the high level of caffeine if you have a heart condition

Amazon Brand – Solimo French Or Dark Roast K-Cups

Amazon is starting to crush almost every category with its own brand of products, and they did it again with this K-cup perfect for iced coffee!

The Solimo French Roast is the most affordable option for hot and iced coffee on this list. The blend originates from Arabica beans which most regular K-cup brands don’t use in western countries.

With this French roast, Keurig coffee makers give out a smoky aroma with a bold taste when you drink it. If this doesn’t satisfy your palette, stick with their basic dark roast, although it is not as authentic as the others on our list. 

Most customers claim it has a medium roast flavor despite not being one.


  • At 0.30 cents per K-cup, it makes the best iced coffee for someone on a budget. You will save over 60% and still get the caffeine pick-up you need to live your best life.
  • With the 2 options available, there is something for everyone’s preference. Stick with the dark roast if you want strong and smooth-tasting hot coffee. But a French roast is the way to go if you like lighter coffee that still has a nice kick to it.


  • On rare occasions, the pods break, and the grounds get into your coffee. It doesn’t often happen, but something to look out for. 
  • Some customers report a strange smell while the coffee is brewing, but it doesn’t affect the taste. 

Victor Allen Variety K-Cups

Victor Allen is a respected coffee roaster, and the company was founded in Madison, Wisconsin. It has been around for over 30 years and sells only Arabica coffee beans from countries worldwide. 

This variety pack they sell comes with coffee pods that are blended and roasted in America.

The pack includes 1 light roast, 1 dark roast, and 2 medium roasts. They have the following names:

  • Donut Shop Medium Roast K-Cup – This blend has a strong scent and is perfect to pair with donuts in the morning.
  • Colombian Medium Roast K-Cup
  • Morning Blend Light Roast K-Cup
  • French Roast K-Cup

If you prefer, you can apply more options to this pack by adding flavored K-Cups like caramel macchiato and hazelnut, which are great for anyone with a sweet tooth. 

The entire box comes with 42 to 200 coffee pods depending on how much you think you need. Everything is customizable since you can also pick the number you want and the flavors you prefer.

Since this guide is about picking the best ice K-Cups, we recommend you go with their medium and French roast pods. We suggest you avoid their morning blend, which has a weird taste with ice.

Italian roasts are the best for robust iced coffee for coffee drinkers with a higher tolerance and need potent blends.

Lastly, we understand that the variety packs come with some roasts that are not good for an iced coffee drink because they are meant for hot coffee. But they still allow you to serve hot coffee when you are personally in the mood or when a guest visits you that prefers them.


  • The variety of options keeps your coffee adventure interesting by always learning about new flavors.
  • Decaf has a better flavor than other brands.
  • Premium blends at an affordable price
  • Fresh taste that doesn’t feel manufactured


  • Doesn’t work on a few Keurig machines if they are older models
  • French roast does not taste like a dark roast, as advertised.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section will discuss the questions we are often asked about the best way to make iced coffee with K-cup pods.

Is it possible to make iced coffee with a regular K-cup?

While it’s true that you can do this and not have significant issues, we still don’t recommend it. The flavor will not be the same if you put ice cubes in a coffee with medium and light roast beans. Stick with a dark roast to enjoy your iced coffee the way it’s meant to be.

Which Keurig Model makes the best iced coffee?

As our best Keurig for iced coffee guide discussed (add link), we highly recommend the K-Elite coffee maker because it has a button specifically for cold coffee. The feature ensures your appliance brews the coffee with lower-temperature water, so your ice cubes don’t dissolve when you put them in your coffee. You will get the full flavor of your drink without the watery aftertaste.

Summing It Up

We hope you got some value from our list of the best K-Cups for iced coffee, and we feel confident you will enjoy most of our recommendations. 

If you are getting into how to make iced coffee, the learning process takes a bit of time, but once you get it, you will drink great-tasting coffee every day without breaking the bank!

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