5 Best Coffee for French Press on Trend

Buying the best coffee beans for your French press is not complicated, so it’s best not to overthink it. The only requirement is to purchase premium-grade coffee beans that match your flavor profile and are sold fresh by a reputable company.

Our guide will help you with your decision because we performed hours of research to find 7 coffee bean flavors you can try using the French press brewing method. 

We picked something for everyone, no matter what flavor you prefer. Our list includes light and dark-roasted coffee beans, unique blends, single origins, decaf, and caffeinated beans for French press.

5 Best French Press Coffee Beans

No matter what your flavor preferences are or the roast level of your coffee bean, they can all be used with a French press coffee maker. The only prerequisite is that you know how to use this coffee maker properly and are ready to try any coffee beans you like.

Below are the 7 most popular picks for this appliance based on our research, and we included every kind of roast plus decaf versions for those that don’t like the side effects of caffeine.

Koa Estate 100% Kona Coffee – Top Dark Roast

Kona coffee originates from the beautiful state of Hawaii but is famous worldwide. These coffee beans are grown on the archipelago’s largest island, Big Island. 

Because of its large volcano and the particular climate in the area, this combination creates the perfect environment for top-quality arabica beans with bold flavors coffee enthusiasts rave about.

Kona creates the best coffee for the French press, and their dark roast bean is their top seller. It has a strong flavor that leaves dark chocolate notes with a nutty aftertaste. But the secret to their formula presents itself to you when your taste buds are teased with a hint of tropical fruit mixed with coconut. 

Their secret methods are so hard to copy because of their complex formula.

With Koa Estate, you are getting 100% authentic Kona coffee. It would be best if you always investigate the percentage of Kona coffee when dealing with blends because some will only include 5% to 10% but still call it Kona coffee. 

Koa estate is nothing like those shady companies because they sell pure 100% Kona coffee beans from the same land, so quality will not vary.

Lifeboost Medium Roast Coffee Beans

Some of the most legendary Arabica coffee beans come from the mountainous regions of Central American countries. Their soil is rich and filled with minerals that, along with its warm weather, create the perfect environment for medium-roast coffee beans. 

Lifeboost doesn’t use pesticides or other chemicals to grow coffee plants in Nicaragua. Only the best coffee beans that are pure and washed adequately can make the cut.

Lifeboost wins awards yearly because their beans are slowly roasted to achieve the perfect medium roast taste, which is why they rank number 2 on our best coffee for French press list.

If you don’t like your coffee hot, they are good for the cold brew method too! Their guarantee is unlike any other grower on this list because they give you 60 days to try them, or you can ask for your money back.

When you are ready to buy, you can choose them as coffee beans or ground coffee, but keep in mind that Lifeboost only sells one grind size. The one they sell is ideal for a drip coffee machine. 

Anyone owning a French press coffee maker must stick with the whole beans and grind it on their own.

Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Dark Roast Blend

Quality dark roast blends are not always cheap, but Major Dickason’s dark roast beans help you make a delicious cup of affordable coffee. 

The company was started in the 1960s in California by Alfred Peet. He built his business from the ground by specializing in dark roast blends from France and Italy. Major Dickason is their flagship product that outsells everything they have in stock.

It was named after one of the first advocates of Peet’s original coffee shop. This dark roast blend serves a mouth-watering cup of joe that wakes you up after a few sips. You can use these fresh coffee beans for drip coffee, espressos, and Moka pot—it is a great way to test the French press brew method.

You can expect the flavor to be bold and spicy with mixed notes that make the liquid feel thick in your mouth. We recommend you drink it black with no milk for the full caffeine boost, but if you add cream, you will start tasting the dark chocolate notes.

Any order you make online is already roasted and is sent to you within a few days, so it arrives fresh. 

You can order the ground coffee version that’s already ground for you or whole beans. If you choose to have them sent as coffee grounds, there are 2 different grind sizes. Always select the coarse grind version for French press brewing.

Volcanica Coffee Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Bean Coffee

Ethiopia, a country known for having the best runners in the world, is also known for the purest coffee in Africa. 

Their light-medium roasted coffee beans have fruity undertones, taste highly acidic, and leave a floral aftertaste. Blueberry is the fruit you can taste the most in their coffee bean.

Volcanica Coffee Ethiopia Yirgacheffe is unique because most coffee trees grow in the wild and not on a protected farm. It’s maybe part of why their infamous Arabica beans grow, giving off hints of flower and fruity tastes. 

Some of the beans are so uncommon that not all have names yet, so growers label them as ‘heirloom’ descendants for the moment. Everyone has different taste palates that can identify a distinct flavor that others cannot, but most people report tasting blackberries, blueberries, and lemons in these beans.

Since this coffee is a light-medium roast hybrid, you can use it to make the best French press coffee that everyone will enjoy. 

Expect to still enjoy a thick savory coffee like the other options on our list, but it won’t be as bold and have a lighter taste. Lastly, this is the best coffee for a cold brew if you want something refreshing.

Volcanica Bolivia Peaberry (Top Medium Roast Coffee Bean)

We love the Bolivian Peaberry because it’s a medium roast that coffee lovers can’t get enough of. It’s sweet because of its milk chocolate flavor and goes down your throat smoothly!

Brewing coffee like this while using your French press coffee machine enhances the taste of the beans to the point where you will feel like you’re drinking chocolate milk and not coffee. Expect to feel this way even more if you apply a generous amount of cream and sugar.

Coffee cherries help produce the Peaberry, and this is the source that gives the bean its fruity flavor. Since this hybrid has nutrients from 2 separate beans, the taste is more potent, and the caffeine boost lasts longer. 

Coffee lovers who can’t function at work without their morning brew rave about the Bolivia Peaberry. While you will be paying a premium price, it’s worth every penny when you buy something so scarce that it’s grown by hand. This is the most premium coffee for French press on our list!

Choosing the Best Coffee for French Press

The French press is a coffee brewing device that is beginner friendly. All you need to do is educate yourself on what not to do, and the rest of the process is easy. 

We always recommend this device to anyone interested in making their coffee to save money.

The French press is adaptable, so no matter what coffee bean you pick, you will still enjoy a memorable cup of joe. Our guide below will teach what you must consider and stay away from if you want to choose the best coffee for French press.

Roast Levels and Their Flavors

The French press is used by coffee drinkers worldwide because it’s simple, and you can use it for every roast level. 

Most people we speak with use it for light and medium roast beans, which makes Arabica the go-to choice with its sweeter taste.

This doesn’t mean you can’t use light roasted beans, but they will probably lose a portion of their flavor. This happens because light roasts have a milder boldness and the fruits have a higher acidity level if the bean is fused with lemons or oranges. 

We recommend a pour-over brewer if you want the best-tasting light roast experience. The pour-over technique helps bring out flavors that the French press device cannot do. There is nothing wrong with experimenting, so give light roast beans a try using your French press to see how you feel.

Medium roast beans have a lower acidity level, and the coffee it produces has a thicker texture. Depending on your favorite brand, flavors you can try include caramel, chocolate, nuts, and ripe fruits like blueberries. 

If you haven’t already, brew the medium roast coffee bean using your French press, and you will see how well it augments the sweetness while still keeping the flavor bold.

If you are looking for the most robust coffee possible, we suggest you try dark-roasted beans. The coffee has an almost creamy texture, and you can taste the rich flavor the minute it goes into your mouth. 

It’s the perfect coffee for the person who loves French press style. You will experience tastes like dark chocolate, smoky aftertastes, and dried fruit like tamarind, toasted nuts, and molasses.

Should Country Origin Matter?

When making coffee with your French press, the truth is the origin doesn’t matter. The only difference you will experience is that flavors in every country will be unique for various reasons, including dirty quality and the climate. 

The best way to start your coffee-tasting journey is to find the best regions in every country where you want to buy coffee.

To get you started, we will summarize what you can expect from popular regions below.

Freshly roasted beans from anywhere in Central and South America are wet-processed. Flavors you can expect in these areas include fruits, nuts, and chocolate. 

The countries that sell the most delicious coffee beans are Costa Rica, Peru, and Colombia. By buying coffee from these countries, you will only be tasting premium-level brewed coffee.

East Africa is another well-known area of the world for amazing coffee. They primarily export high-quality coffee beans with floral, tea, and fruit flavors that have acidity comparable to wine. Depending on the grower and their tradition, some will be dry or wet-processed. 

East Africa is the ideal region for coffee lovers who prefer light or medium roast bean coffee. 2 countries that you should keep on your radar are Ethiopia and Kenya.

Sumatra is an Indonesian island that grows some of the best coffee in the world for anyone who likes strong coffee with earthy undertones. The flavor comes from the rich dirt and humid climate in this area. When buying coffee beans from this country’s growers, you can expect them to be roasted from medium to dark. 

Any blend you get from this region will have a significant portion of Sumatra beans. It’s the ingredient that adds richness to your favorite brew using a French press or a pour-over brewer.

Summing It Up

In the end, we can give you all the best recommendations and advice, but the final decision goes to you. 

It’s up to you to pick the coffee for French press devices that match your preferred flavor profile. But we promise—no matter which one you go with on our list—you are in for a treat since we tested them all!

Our overall winner was the Lifeboost medium roast. They are known for growing award-winning coffee beans that enthusiasts worldwide love to buy. For anyone on a budget that prefers something more affordable, you can’t go wrong with Peet’s Major Dickason’s blend. 

You get the best of both worlds when you save money and have a quality dark roast to drink every morning when you wake up for work!

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