Best Reusable Chemex Filter

If you love your Chemex coffee maker but no longer want to use disposable paper filters because they are bad for the environment, you are in the right place! 

The pour-over brew method creates a coffee that has a crisp flavor with very low acidity. This blend helps you go to work in the morning alert and ready to tackle the day. But how can you still enjoy your Chemex coffee without using disposable filters that harm our planet?

Coming up with the answer to this question may seem complicated, but it’s not. 

All you have to do is stop using disposable filters and pay a bit extra money to start using reusable ones that don’t affect the flavor and potency of your morning brew.

Everyone wants to do their part when it comes to saving our planet. Even though it is possible to compost traditional paper filters, it takes too much time and requires significant room. Because of this, a reusable filter is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to help participate in conserving our planet’s resources.

Purchasing a reusable filter also helps you conserve your funds by not having to buy paper filters every time they run out.

This guide will show you the best reusable filter for Chemex options you have, with the pros and cons of each, so you can find the one that checks off all your boxes.

Best Reusable Chemex Coffee Filter Reviews

Able Kone For Chemex Filter

This stainless steel filter is suitable for pre-ground coffee. You can reuse a metal filter for many years, which saves money and generates less waste from all the paper filters you would be throwing in the garbage. 

Our favorite metal filter is the Able Kone for Chemex because they are made in America by Able Brewing company, and they have an excellent reputation in the coffee world. 

They specialize in this kind of filter, and the Able Kone is their flagship product. One perk of using this filter is that the mesh from the metal doesn’t restrict the coffee oils from getting into your cup, and the result is a robustly flavored and rich coffee.

The average metal filter is manufactured with a basic metal mesh, but the Kone is different. 

It’s made from one piece of stainless steel that they photochemically engrave, creating an arrangement of holes. The pattern is set up in a way that is not coincidental. The engineers at Chemex emulated models to determine which order of square and round holes produced the most fluid water movement through any coffee grounds. 

Eventually, they discovered that using a polymer ring on the top of the cone allows the filter to connect directly to Chemex coffee makers.

The Able Kone can adapt to most of your needs. It’s compatible with all Chemex carafes sizes while still being effective when used with drip coffee makers. We tested them on the Technivorm Moccamaster, the Ratio 8, and the Bonavita brewers with no issues.


  • Clean-up is easy and takes less than a minute.
  • Coffee flavor improves significantly.
  • Pricey investment but worth it over the long term


  • Difficult to dispose of coffee grounds after you’re done

Apace Living Pour Over Coffee Filters

The Apace living pour-over filter is more affordable than the Able Kone, so it’s a better choice if you have a tighter budget. The company doesn’t have a team of dedicated engineers behind it, but you can still get an excellent cup of potent coffee while paying 50% less. It still costs more than paper filters, but you can’t beat the price tag of this reusable filter that will last for many years.

The filter comes with 2 layers of thick mesh with tiny holes placed in a specific order and a sealed tip whose primary function is to increase distillation.

Some reusable metal filters do the job well but are not aesthetically pleasing. With the Apace, you get both function and style because it comes in copper or gold with a nice thick layer of stainless steel. 

You can also choose between a diamond look and a design with flowers. Whether you choose the former or the latter style, both will enhance the look of your kitchen to impress visitors.


  • Very easy to clean
  • Most affordable stainless steel filter
  • Aesthetically-pleasing design


  • Drains a little slow
  • Clogs often, if not cleaned immediately after use

CoffeeSock Reusable Cotton Chemex Filters (Our Top Cloth filter)

Cloth filters are not big sellers in most of North America, but many countries outside of this continent love them. 

Fortunately, they are starting to catch on in Canada and the United States, with coffee pros like James Hoffman recommending cloth filters for better-tasting coffee.

Coffee pros believe you can get the best of both worlds by using the CoffeeSock Reusable Cotton Chemex filter. It’s like having the best features of a reusable stainless steel coffee filter and the most appealing aspects of paper filters together in one package that delivers a medium-flavored coffee. 

Also, you don’t have to worry about pieces of coffee ground getting in your beverage, which often happens with metal mesh coffee filters. However, one thing you don’t sacrifice is the organic coffee oils that still make their way into your coffee with this filter!

The CoffeeSock brand is well known in America for making premium-level coffee filters made out of cloth materials. They are a company that has been around for over 10 years and continues to evolve to this day. 

If you purchase their large Chemex filter, you can serve up to 13 people a cup of coffee before you need to clean it for reuse.

All CoffeeSock products are made in the USA with 100% recycled organic cotton they source from businesses that respect the planet. This means you kill two birds with one stone by supporting environmentally friendly products while drinking great-tasting coffee!

Since every cloth filter you buy is reusable, you save a lot of money by not buying paper filters that you can’t use again. The only drawback is they are more challenging to clean and take more time. Another thing to note is that these won’t last as long as a reusable stainless steel filter.


  • Small, so you save a lot of storage space
  • Affordable and save you more money than a paper filter


  • The cleaning process is a bit long and tedious.

Barista Warrior Pour Over Coffee Filters

Barista Warrior makes a metal filter that is respectful of your budget and is mostly sold on Amazon now. 

They have many 5-star ratings from coffee lovers all over the world. Some other coffee maker products they sell include gooseneck kettles and French presses. Each one is designed to impress the eyes and is not costly.

Their latest pour-over coffee filter will blend in if you have a modern-style kitchen. If you decide to go with the copper-coated model, we recommend you buy it with a copper gooseneck kettle because they go very well together. 

This filter pairs well with Chemex drippers and even basic generic brands, with the only prerequisite being that they are cone-shaped. When you make your coffee using this coffee filter, you won’t believe the bold and full-body flavor you get from it. 

The 2 layers of metal mesh and the laser-etched stainless steel help make this happen.

Are you on the fence and wish to try this metal cone coffee filter? With Barista Warrior, you can make this happen with their lifetime warranty, and if you are not 100% in love with this product, you can return it, no questions asked!


  • Unlike paper filters, it doesn’t filter coffee oils.
  • Saves you both money and time since it’s reusable
  • No flavor from your coffee grounds is lost.


  • Clogs if you don’t maintain it regularly

Bolio Organic Hemp Coffee Filter

This hemp coffee filter is the most environmentally friendly option on our list and will make you wonder why you ever bought a paper filter in the past!

These feel like cotton fibers and brew the same mouth-watering cup of coffee with a strong aroma and medium roast taste. The only difference between the hemp and cotton filters is that hemp materials are more durable, and you can get by on 50% less water. 

So you can get more out of your coffee beans, and hemp also has a longer life span, saving customers more money.

Some people use reusable cotton coffee filters because they think their coffee will taste like hemp, but that’s not the case. Before turning hemp into filters, the material is refined to ensure any impurities are out so the flavor will not differ from cotton materials. 

If you are hesitant but willing to keep an open mind, try it and if it’s not for you, they will honor their 100% satisfaction guarantee and give you back your money!


  • The cloth filter is easy to clean.
  • No fines or sediments, unlike metal filters
  • Takes less time to prepare and is environmentally friendly


  • Clogs easily if not cleaned quickly after use

How to Clean A Reusable Coffee Filter

Reusable filters are cheap and save coffee lovers a lot of money over a long period. But since you won’t be throwing them out after drinking your coffee, it is essential to learn how to maintain them and clean them properly. 

Practicing prevention is the best habit to build when dealing with reusable filters from Chemex.

Amazon customers’ biggest complaint is how easy it is for metal filters to get clogged. This situation is easily avoidable if they take steps to clean them after brewing their coffee. If you ignore your cleaning responsibility, the oils will lodge in the holes, making it difficult for water to get through. 

The result is a weak coffee without the bold flavors we know and love. Once you are done using your filter, choose one of the two strategies below to clean it after use:

  • Extensively wash the filter with tepid water and soap detergent
  • Put your filter on the first rack of your dishwasher and let it run for 15 minutes.

Never forget to wipe down the coffee maker near the back of the filter basket using a slightly wet microfiber towel, no matter what method you pick. Doing this will guarantee that your reusable filters will always work and never experience clogging issues. 

Lastly, we recommend you schedule a time to clean your filters twice every 7 days.

How to Extend the Shelf Life of Your Reusable Stainless Steel Filter

Before using your Chemex with metal coffee filters:

  1. Pick the correct grind size so your filter doesn’t clog.
  2. Once you finish making your coffee, dispose of the used grounds and wash the metal mesh in hot water to remove any oils and leftover grounds.
  3. Let your filter soak in a solution mixed with 50% white vinegar and 50% warm water every month to eliminate harsh oils and stubborn grinds.
  4. Avoid hitting or shaking the filter too much while putting grounds in it, so you don’t break it.


Can I reuse paper Chemex filters?

Technically, you can reuse paper filters if they come with heavier paper. While it’s true that your Chemex appliance should be fine, we still don’t recommend you use paper filters more than once. The flavor might not be to your liking after the first time. However, if you still want to try, don’t use it more than 3 times.

What is the top coffee for Chemex?

The only person that can answer this question is you because it’s subjective and hinges on your taste preferences. The company is known for its crisp coffees with bold flavors, so, mostly, every coffee bean you use will come out delicious. If you are new to the world of coffee, a solid suggestion for newbies would be to try to brew a light roast and work your way up from there. 

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